Bookclub Confessions

Ok… so at the very beginning of the year I posted about joining a book club… I read January’s book and loved it and then they announced Feb’s book and I was underwhelmed… that combined with the fact that I couldn’t source the book in hard copy (I had decided that if I was going to go all in and either purchasing the book or borrowing it from the library), meant that I decided to go rouge…. I decided to pick my own book… a book that I had been given for Christmas… a book that was much much longer than February’s book suggestion… and unsurprisingly it all went down hill from there… my little detour became a longer detour and while I have read a couple of books since then… I am not up to book 8 like I would have been if I had stuck with it.. instead I have just started book 6… I gave up my book club…

But, good news… I’m back… to the same book club, I decided that the motivation of a month and someone choosing the book for me was too hard to pass… so I’ve now smashed out August’s book and because it was still in August when I started writing this I decided to launch into July’s book forgetting that September would bring a new book, so… I am running out of time for that, but the point is I am reading again and it is good and so far the books have been great.  Maybe I should have given the Feb book a chance and then I wouldn’t be in this mess, maybe I shouldn’t have judged the book by it’s cover and blurb… but that’s in the past…  here we are now and I am back to reading… and back in the book club.

Watch this space.

I’m Joining a Book Club

I really love to read… I love books, I really love the smell of a book, I love my kindle, I love love reading… but recently it has slipped right down my priority list… having a new baby will do that.  But he isn’t so new anymore, and if I don’t start being deliberate about doing things I love and that are good for me, he will be moving out of home and I will be wondering why I stopped reading all those years ago.  But anyone who knows me, knows I am a rule follower and I need structure… so I have decided to get some help with my desire to read more… I have joined a book club.

I have been in a book club before, but that book club no longer exists, so I have been book club-less for a couple of years and I have really missed it.  I have missed it for a few reasons…

1. I need a deadline… a goal… this is not new information though…
2. I like being part of something bigger than me… I like being able to talk about something in common that isn’t the standard stuff.
3. I am not good at trying new books with out a good reason – book club made me read things that I would never have considered with out a push.

The book club I have joined is also pretty great because I can participate as much or as little as want… and if it all falls apart from my end… well it’s so big that no one will notice.  I have decided I am joining Reese’s Book Club from Hello Sunshine…  I feel like I am joining the new version of Oprah’s book club and that I am probably a sell out, but I have read some of here book recommendations before and I have enjoyed them, so why not ey? It appears all I have to do is post a picture of the book and tag the right things and I am in… and I don’t really need to do that, I could just read the books on the sly… but I’ll probably tag it…

I have about 50 pages left in the book I am currently reading ‘Seven Days That Divide the World’ by John C. Lennox… which has been excellent… I am all over science and creation… just ask me… it is super fascinating.  God is very very clever… but once I am done… I am in with book 1 for 2019… The Library Book by Susan Orlean with my new international book club.  If you are really lucky I might even do some reviews… I guess we will just have to watch this space.

P.S Is book club one word or two? I’m not really sure…


My New Toy

I am a believer… I have been well and truly converted… I thought I would still long for books of old and miss flicking the pages… but I don’t… I love love love my kindle.   It’s just so easy and clever and awesome. 

For my birthday this year Davo brought me a Kindle, which for those of you who don’t know is a reading tablet… it’s not fancy like the ipad, it doesn’t have a backlight so if it’s dark you still need a light, but it’s pretty much just a flat book… a flat electronic book and I love it (just in case you hadn’t got that yet).  So far I have read 3 books on my kindle and I have some other reference documents on there just in case I need them, and I have a new cover that has a little light just in case I want to keep reading when Dave wants to go to sleep.

The thing is I do love a great bookshelf and the smell of new books, and in fact book stores and libraries in general, but I also love not having to worry about squashing pages or bending/bookmarking, or where I am going to store the book once I am done… it’s just all too easy with the kindle I can have them all and keep them all, all in the space of a small book.

This long weekend, I got to really test it out while I was down in Inverloch, seeing as uni was over and I didn’t have anything else due or desperately needing to be done I spent a lot of time reading my kindle and it was lovely… really lovely, I even brought a new book from the comfort of my own bed… incredible… so long live long weekends and long live my kindle.


Oh and if you are thinking about getting one… you should… they are great!


Seriously… do it… 

Top 3 Kids Books… I own

Day 11: Share a book you love

I love kids books, I don’t know why I just do.  In fact, for the last couple years I have been collecting them, so that all my favourites will be there when Dave and I start a family. The idea of sharing just one book that I love is really really hard, because I love them all, so instead I thought I would share my ‘Top 3 Kids books you need in your collection’.  Now I am sure that this list isn’t exhaustive, because if I could have more I would, in fact there is already one book which I don’t own… but if I did, would make it on to the list in a heart beat… ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ by Sam McBratney, and I am sure there are many more… but these are the top 3 that I own…

1. Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus – Mo Williams
A little different but quite entertaining

2. You are my I love you – Maryann Cusimano
Very sweet… in fact so sweet I brought it for Dave but had to add some of my own lines because some didn’t apply.

3. The Story of the Little Mole who knew It was None of His Business
– Werner Holzwarth & Wolf Erlbruch

Who doesn’t like a story about poo… seriously it’s great.