If you had told me a year ago that I would learn to ski properly in Austria, I would have scoffed and walked away… but that’s exactly what happened… and now I can ski… I am probably not going to be a champion skier but I kept my number of falls to one hand.

Austria has been a winter wonderland… proper tobogganing, walking home in the snow, skiing, ribs, schnitzel and oompa music and even with all this, pretty relaxing. Austria has been our longest stop on the trip and 3 days has been perfect to unwind and enjoy. We built a snowman, had burgers from an Australian that makes a living selling Aussie style burgers and toasties and played the spoons like we had been born to do it.

Three things I know for sure: 1. I will ski again, 2. A career in Spoons has never looked so good and 3. We will go back to Austria


FebFast is Actually Killing Me!

Thanks to Dave I have averted a fundraising disaster… well kind of… At work this month we are getting behind Feb Fast, a fundraiser in which you fast something (see what they did there with the name? clever ey?), it started with alcohol, but now you can choose from alcohol, caffeine, digital or sugar… and for the month of February, as a way to not only raising money for supporting and working with young people with drug and alcohol addiction, but also get back to some better habits that may have lapsed over the Christmas/new year period, you go without.

So… last week I was all geared up to do a digital detox and say goodbye to screen time at 8pm each night in Feb, I had signed up, locked Davo in and while a little nervous about my ability to follow through, was prepared to give it a crack! In fact I had almost convinced myself that I would enjoy it… that it would actually be really good for me… I had even already planned to pay for a pass out on dayone so that I could Instagram Kirsten’s wedding guilt free. I was pretty much ready to go. Well… when I got home last Thursday night, Dave informed me we had made a terrible mistake… A digital fast, no TV, no iPad, no laptop after 8pm… During the Winter Olympics… He was right! We had made a terrible mistake. The Olympics are pretty much sacred TV time, two weeks of minimal sleep, watching sports you’ve never heard of. But sports that if you don’t watch now, you won’t see again for four years… and lets face it, life is not complete with out a four yearly top up of curling… No the Olympics were not negotiable. So seeing as though we had already signed up we needed to think of something else to fast. Being salvos, an alcohol felt like cheating, seeing as we don’t drink anyway… that left sugar and caffeine… both things I am quite attached to.

FebFast-Caffeine-profile-picSo now we have decided to give up caffeine instead… which now that I am a week into, think might actually be harder than a digital detox. I love tea, it is my go to for everything, for relaxing, before bed, in the afternoon, when I am sad, when I am cold, when I am hot (iced tea is also the bomb!) at all times life is better with tea… and if for some strange reason there is no tea, I’ll have diet coke, because I love that too. But now for the rest of the month they are gone… and I think it might be slowly killing me.. there are a few other things off the list also, but I think tea and diet coke are the ones that are hurting. And just like the digital option we have already had to buy a pass out for the wedding… but that’s it… we are in now… a month without a cuppa… but it’s for a good cause… does anyone know where I can buy decaf tea?

Oh and P.S – if you want to sponsor me and donate to the FebFast cause you can do so by clicking this link…

It’s more than a Game

Despite the fact that two of my last three blogs have been about other Cities in Australia, there are some moments that make me realise why I love Melbourne.

Yesterday was grand final day for the AFL, a day which I really think should be a public holiday for Melbournians.  But this whole week, grand final week has been packed full of everything I love about Melbourne.  On Monday night, while in Sydney Dave and I met up with my brother to watch the Brownlow together, a grand final week must.  Then on Friday for the first time in my life I went to the grand final parade, and even though I was surrounded by Freo supporters I loved being there cheering on my Hawks and wearing my colours proud.

Despite the fact that Hawthorn has been in a few grand finals during my lifetime, Friday was the first time I had been to  the parade… I found out that the grand final parade was somewhat of a tradition for Dave who used to go in every year and then headed to the Melbourne show with his Dad and sister.  But this was the first time for me and I loved it.  There is something really exciting about the grand final week in Melbourne, the atmosphere, the sound, the unity.  Simply wearing my hawthorn jumper into the city started conversations with random strangers… it was actually a bizarre feeling.

20131007-115233.jpgLike Dave’s family tradition we also headed to the show, which brings out the best and worst in everything – but I still love that it’s all there in one place.  We have some incredible talent in Victoria and some really strange things as well, but it is incredible to be able to experience all of this at once, whether you are ready for it or not.

And then there is grand final day… which, is an experience all of its own… with its own songs, own excitement and own standard dishes – after all what’s grand final day with out a pie?

The city has this magic way of coming alive during things like the show and the grand final, it oozes character and fun and it’s just a great place to be.  There is excitement and anticipation in the air and i just really really love it!

Oh and as much as I love Melbourne I also just wanted an opportunity to brag about the fact that the Hawks won – which makes me very very happy… but it did remind me just why I love Melbourne and the AFL… bring on season 2014 and go Hawks!

Another Public Announcement Regarding Change Rooms

Tonight I was at the pool getting ready to swim some laps and once again I was confronted with a lack of public change room etiquette… so I have decided that is time for another public announcement… While there are still some issues about extreme nudity, I have not seen snacking or exercising the change rooms since so I am hoping that this will also work… so here is another community service announcement on public change rooms and public pools in general.

If you are using public pool changing rooms please take note of the following:

Do NOT ‘Pedegg’ your feet… for those of you who are not sure what I am taking about, I am referring to those little do it yourself pedicure things that scraps your feet to remove dead skin, leaving what remains super soft.  And while, yes, they do have a small catcher to collect the dead skin you remove, more often than not this doesn’t collect everything leaving behind your dead foot skin on the floor.  As a fellow change room user, who for safety reasons will continue to wear thongs in the change rooms anyway, I don’t appreciate you dropping dead foot on the floor.  I know swimming, or general submersion of skin in water softens the skin and therefore makes it easier to do… but do it at home, I don’t want to see it and I definitely don’t want to risk stepping in it, or breathing it in as little flakes become airborne…. it’s disgusting.

If you are using a public pool please take note of the following:

Do NOT walk in the medium lane… Medium is the suggested speed, if you are walking, chances are you are slow… please move to the slow lane… thats for you.

Do NOT stand in the middle of a lap lane and wonder why I am staring… It’s coz I am waiting for you to move… seriously either make you way to the end or get out… you are in the way.

Do NOT swim down the middle of the lane… it’s a two way thing… keep to the left so that everyone can swim in an orderly fashion.  If you swim down the middle you will kick me and I will kick you back… be warned.

Do wear appropriate bathers… just keep it covered… it makes it nicer for everyone… if we want to see more, we will ask, but chances are we don’t.

So there you go… here endith another community announcement.


I am a Runner… kinda

It is done… I made it… albeit very very slowly, but I have finished the 10km run as part of this years Melbourne Marathon, and despite the fact that I am a little bit underwhelmed because it doesn’t really compare to the 21.1km the halfers just ran or the 42 the Marathon runners conquered, I am still pretty proud of myself… and I am thinking that maybe my second half marathon won’t be as impossible as I originally thought… but maybe that’s just the excitement of finishing this morning that’s talking… anyway, these are some of my favourite pictures from today… please pay no attention to my red face… that’s normal… I hope…