Tea Time with Em – Dec 10

Day 10:

Tea: New York Breakfast
Initial Reaction: I’ve had this before and I think I liked it… and its a good old black tea… yeah for normal tea ish…
Brew Time: 4 mins
Enjoyed with: a dash of milk and then a little bit of sugar
Flavour: Not bad… sweet vanillary taste even before I added the sugar, it’s nice, I think I still prefer just good old plain tea, but this was a nice treat for a change. Also… it’s getting harder to write these reviews… they are all blending into one hot tea mess…
Score: 7/10

Tea Time with Em – Dec 09

Day 09:

Tea: Tummy Tea
Initial Reaction: Great, this is perfect for today… and it’s one I have wanted to try… a tea digestive.
Brew Time: 4 mins
Enjoyed with: Boiling Water
Flavour: Minty and sweet, and pretty much the same as my mint mix tea… I liked it.
Score: 9/10

Bonus review from Dave: Perfect after dinner mint… 7/10

Tea Time with Em – Dec 08

Day 08:

Tea: Packs a Peach
Initial Reaction: I wonder if I can get a strictly black tea advent calendar because if I’m really honest, while I love the idea of a fruit tea.. I’m just not sure I’m that into them… but look peach iced tea seems to be the thing to do so maybe this will be ok.
Brew Time: 4 mins
Enjoyed with: you guessed it… nothing
Flavour: The label was not misleading at all… this really packs a peach… a heck of a lot of peach… it’s like drinking a cordial made of melted peach lollies… it’s not terrible… but I’m really starting to think it’s just all fruit teas I’m not that into.
Score: 6/10

Bonus review from Dave: It’s just like warm iced tea… 6/10

Tea Time with Em – Dec 07

Day 07:

Tea: Frosted Fruitcake
Initial Reaction: Ooooo this looks fun… wait I don’t like fruitcake… but maybe I will like it tea form… is that a whole date in the mix?
Brew Time: 4 mins
Enjoyed with: Nothing
It didn’t smell like I would like it… and it was correct, it takes biscuity… but not crumbly or bitty, just like a biscuit would in drink form… I think that’s the cinnamon again… and it lingers…
Score: 5/10

Bonus review from Dave: A pleasant combination of fruit and black tea… 6/10

Tea Time with Em – Dec 06

Day 06:

Tea: Creme Burlee
Initial Reaction: Look, I’m nervous, I’m not sure how I feel about desserty teas… but that’s what this is about right… trying new things and being surprised…
Brew Time: 4 mins
Enjoyed with: A dash of milk… because it was an option and surely it won’t hurt…
this was way better than I expected, just like a sweeter black tea… but with vanilla… I could drink this again, especially because it would mean no added sugar.
Score: 7/10

Bonus review from Dave: Too much creme, not enough brûlée… but I don’t actually think I know what brûlée is, but it certainly didn’t have enough… 6/10

Tea Time with Em – Dec 05

Day 05:

Tea: Southern Sunrise
Initial Reaction: Ooooo this sounds fun… Oh it’s fruity not black… I’m less excited now… but still intrigued, it smells delicious.
Brew Time: 4 mins
Enjoyed with: Nothing, apparently it is perfect on its own
Flavour: Pretty great for a fruit tea… I might actually drink this again… it’s like hot juice… or flat hot fizzy drink… it’s probably the best fruit tea I’ve tried
Score: 7/10

Bonus review from Dave: Too sweet, too much fruit… 5/10

Tea Time with Em – Dec 04

Day 04

Tea: Lemongrass and ginger
Initial Reaction: Yuck… this is disappointing, I mean I knew it would hiding I here somewhere so it good to get it out of the way… but no thanks…
Brew Time: 5 mins
Enjoyed with: Nothing… not even the dash of recommended honey would have helped
Flavour: Medicinal… it tastes like I have a cold and no other medicinal options… and even then I’m not sure I still I want it
Score: 1/10

Bonus review from Dave: Refreshing… but a bit watery even with the full 5 minute brew 4/10

Tea Time with Em – Dec 03

Day 03:

Tea: Gorgeous Geisha
Initial Reaction: Oh! We have some of this… I’ve never tried it though… here is my chance… it’s green so it should be pretty good
Brew Time: 3 mins
Enjoyed with: Nothing… again… as recommended
Flavour: Sweeter than I was expecting, but still green… I think I love it…
Score: 8/10

Bonus review from Dave: I have no strong opinion 5/10

Tea Time with Em – Dec 02

Day 02:

Tea: Morning Sunshine
Initial Reaction: Doh! I should have opened this this morning… it’s night now… will that effect the taste? Oh but it’s a black tea mix… this could be the one for me
Brew Time: 4 mins
Enjoyed with: Nothing… and then a dash of milk as recommended
Flavour: Sweeter than I was expecting, but not as bold as I was hoping… that could be my fault though we brewed tea for one in a pot for four… would I drink it again… yeah I think I would…
Score: 7/10

Bonus review from Dave: Not as flavoursome as the fruited ones, but still robust in flavour 6/10

Tea Time with Em

Wow… what a lame title… I’ll work on it… but not for blog one.. so in exciting news this year I was finally quick enough to get my hands on a tea advent calendar… and by finally quick enough I mean, I stalked websites and asked shop assistants several times to check on when they would be available and went straight from work to collect mine day 1 of stock… so I have been hanging out to drink my tea almost a month… To celebrate I thought I would do a little tasting review… nothing too deep just a quick run down of all the new teas I try so I know which ones I want to go back to. The thing is… while I love the concept of being a tea drinker and having exotic teas from all over the world… when it comes down to it… I like plain tea the most… nothing fancy, just good old tea… so I am not actually sure I am going to like my calendar because it’s going to test my tastebuds… but who knows… maybe this will be just the introduction to other teas I never knew I needed?

Anyway… here’s how it’s going to work… same questions everyday… gut responses… only occasional explanations…

Day 01

Tea: Mulled Wine Magic
Initial Reaction: Ooooo Mulled wine ey? Will I be breaking my Salvo covenant by drinking this… no, that’s silly… it’s just tea not wine… but it does feel a little naughty… and this is why I have named my blog with such a lame title… it’s just who I am now I guess
Brew Time: 3 mins
Enjoyed with: Nothing… just hot water as recommended
Flavour: Fruity and sweet… but there is a spicy after taste… I am guessing cinnamon
Score: 5/10

Bonus review from Dave: His initial response was ‘ooo that’s a good one’ but he really only started drinking tea this week… maybe he is the tea drinker I have longed to be… or maybe he just doesn’t know what he likes. Better than normal tea… 7/10