Seven Years with One Hotel

Let me tell you about a magical place… not the most magical place… that’s Disneyworld… but a close second for the George family, the Langham Hotel. It’s a place that we return to over and over and over again… almost yearly even adding some international visits (Auckland and London)… and it never gets old. It is as beautiful as it is elegant, and we have love it as much now as we did on our very first visit.

Our first date at the Langham was in preparation for our wedding, venue meetings, food tastings and trips to the foyer to dream about what was coming. Our most recent was visit was this week, with Dave gifting Isaac and I (and himself) a mid week city scape during the school holidays, and it was perfect.

Years at the langham

This is the first time I have stayed in the city in 2 years where I haven’t been terribly morning sick and super super paranoid about eating the wrong things. Now don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed our last couple cityscapes too… but this one was just better… it was relaxing and lovely. We ate delicious food… all of which I could eat without a care in the world, showed Isaac around Southbank, and generally lived the pretend highlife for 24 hours… totally wonderful.

Over the weekend I found myself reminiscing and reflecting on the last 7 years since Dave and I celebrated our marriage with our amazing Langham reception. Last week Dave and I clocked over 14 years together… which I think is pretty incredible. I have been with Dave for almost half my life, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I thought about the significance of bring Isaac with us to our favourite Melbourne get away and the journey of the last 2 years in particular, which feel like forever all on their own. The last time we were at the Langham we were telling my mum that Isaac was on his way… and now only 14 months later we have a healthy and happy almost 1 year old.

It’s been a crazy, 7 years… and last night as we sat in a room very similar to the very first room we ever stayed in at the Langham, I found myself in tears, feeling very overwhelmed by how blessed I am even with the heartache and anxiety of our most recent days. I was overwhelmed with love for Dave and Isaac, my little family, oh man… I am so blessed to call them mine. I was overwhelmed by all we have, and even though some of it may be humble, it is abundantly more than I feel I deserve. And there was hope, that the pain of the last two years is fading and that our days are good… there is space for relaxing, there is space for great food and company and that there are better things to come… that we have started a new chapter… a chapter of fun, of lighter life, and mostly of family, our family that feels just a little bit more complete.

Meanwhile at the Langham…

There is something magical about the Langham hotel… seriously something magical.  This weekend Dave and I returned to the Langham to celebrate our one year anniversary, ideally we would have gone the weekend of our actual anniversary, seeing as we were in NZ, we postponed it a week.  The thing is though it doesn’t matter when you go, it’s always the same there, in fact sometimes it feels like you walk into a different time zone, or that time even stops while you are there, because it is just so nice.  I feel like if you were ever to cross there in some kind of live news feed it wouldn’t matter when you did it because it would always be “Meanwhile at the Langham, everyone is still happy living in their perfect hotel rooms with friendly staff who are always happy to help”  I would imagine crossing to the Langham would get boring really, but not if you were actually there… it was just be nice and relaxing and awesome…

Anyway, it was really nice to have our own ‘meanwhile at the Langham’ experience this weekend.  And as a bonus… because it was our anniversary we were spoilt by the staff, I got my own Langham rose on arrival and we were delivered some surprise cake just to help us celebrate.  I have decided that I would love to live at the Langham… I know my finances won’t let me and that if I was to live there it probably wouldn’t be the same, but I imagine that if I was a real princess I would have a castle that was like the Langham and that it would always be a nice place to be… but its back to reality for now…  at least in my imagination I can still think about ‘meanwhile at the Langham’.

Oh and now I can cross number 32 off the list… because we have stayed at the Langham