For the Love of the Games

I am really disappointed that I haven’t really posted this week, this should be my prime posting time because things I love are happening everyday… and by things I love I mean the Olympics… I love them. But unfortunately other stuff has gotten in the way. Uni is back… and not only is it back, it is back with vengeance… in fact one of my subjects has decided that because uni by correspondence isn’t difficult enough to fit around oh things like… FULL TIME WORK… that they would set study tasks due weekly. Not that bad you might think… a little accountability perhaps? Sure, when there is one… but it’s not one… this week there is 8… as well as the other subjects that I need to give at least a little bit of attention to.  Oh and just to top it off… in this two weeks when the world really should stop… to watch the Olympics… I have two assignments due. Needless to say… not happy Jan.

The other thing that has stopped me from posting about the Olympics is that I am too busy watching it… being on the other side of the world the Olympics are at a bad time… In fact, I get up to watch the finals, go to work while they sleep and come home to watch the heats and preliminary rounds before I go to bed.. late… and start it all over again the next morning.  A bad time is an understatement… but it happens every 4 years because let’s face it Australia is kind of swimming alone out here.  So I am managing to just keep my eyes open, saving all my energy for work and mindlessly watching sport each evening. I think I also thought that everyone would be posting about it because surely everyone loves it as much as me… but I have been surprised… I haven’t seen that much.

Anyway, I just wanted to apologise for not posting, despite my love… and so to make up for it, these are my highlights of the Olympics so far:

  1. The magic beds that lit up during the opening ceremony, although not conducive to sleeping very very cool to watch from a high angle on TV.
  2. The Badminton and Victoria Na– my hero… Badminton has never been better… what a superstar… Only 21 and a Melbournian like me… what a champion!  Oh and nothing increases the interest in a sport like a massive scandal… so while I think it’s poor form, well done tanking scandal for drawing attention to the awesome sport that badminton is.


  3. Seeing the Royal Family on a regular basis – just one of the benefits of having the Olympics in London… I do love the royal family.
  4. Getting to see (well when channel 9 feel the time is right… which is not often… poor form channel 9) all those sports that you don’t see televised between the Olympics: for example the gymnastics, the diving, the equestrian, the judo, the weightlifting, the badminton, the table tennis… the list goes on… in fact right now I am watching the water polo… crazy.

So even if sleep and life stops me from posting regularly… be assured that I am loving the Olympics with all that I can… 4 years is way too long to wait between Olympiads.

525,600 Minutes

Wow… today is Dave and I’s one year anniversary!  I think it’s a bit of a strange feeling, because while it doesn’t feel like we have been married for a year, it does already feel like forever.  I am not really sure how that is possible, but that’s just how it is.  Anyway, 6 months ago I wrote a blog with similar sentiment, and just like 6months ago I thought things would feel really different when we hit the 1 year mark.  Before we got married, lots of people told me that the first year would be the hardest, adjusting to life together, sharing my things and my space, but other than having to be a little more considerate and owning up to my unnecessary purchases, it just feels normal… in fact I think that part of me is still waiting for it to fall apart, because apparently it’s supposed to… but so far so good.  Maybe if you asked Dave he would have a different account of the last year, after all, he certainly does more than his fair share of house work… but I am getting better, you can’t fix 25 years of bad habits overnight.  We are still busy,  I still have to plan to see Dave because otherwise our lives get in the way of each others, and I am still messy, so really not that much has changed.

I think the biggest difference of the last 6months perhaps compared to the previous 6 is that we have grown stronger together, which I didn’t really think was possible.  Each day I am reminded how very very blessed I am to have found someone like Dave.  He is so much more than I could have ever hoped for and I don’t know what I would do without him.

So this time round I thought I might share 10 things I have learnt since I got married, they are a mixture of highlights and random little things, because I don’t really think I have any profound marriage/life-lesson pearls to give… so here are 10 things I now know…

1. Christmas is just as good when you wake up in another house with your husband rather than at home… Santa still comes… in fact Santa is funnier at Dave’s place, maybe it’s earlier on the run?

2. Fun Dave is still my favourite – I am getting used to grumpy Dave he does have a purpose and he does get things done… but it doesn’t really matter how much I need grumpy Dave, I still like fun Dave better.

3. Dave can do anything… even save the same bird twice.

4. We don’t need to do everything together.  This is something that I still struggle with, but I know it’s true… in fact it’s a good conversation starter if you do do separate things… seriously… otherwise we are boring.

5. Our next adventure isn’t that far away… buying a house… although Dave has told me he isn’t sure he wants to renovate a house with me because apparently I am annoying, so I guess we will just have to keep saving forever.

6. Love is doing something you don’t like because it makes someone else happy… Here is what I know,

When I do chores, which I hate, Dave is Happy…

and when Dave helps me cross things off the list, which he hates… I am happy…

7. Dave loves Dex more than he let on originally.  When Dex first moved in with Dave, Dave would refer to him as my dog constantly, but since we have been living together, I have noticed that Dave actually loves Dex… so much that Dex is even allowed to cuddle Davo while he is wearing a suit.

8. Despite his often grumpy exterior… Dave is an encourager… he gives me money when I exercise, he helps me with my homework, and tells me a I am good cook even when it’s not true.

9. House work is better when two people do it together… but it doesn’t matter how domestic I become Dave is still much better… but I am trying.

10. Nagging pays off – well eventually… and my last blog about my trip to New Zealand is proof… 7 years of nagging… and this is my view this morning… not bad…

Working 9 til 5

Day 19: Love your work

As today is technically my Sabbath… and I am lacking a little motivation to blog I am havignn a day of rest and I am actually just going to refer you back to a previous blog I have written, conveniently on this exact topic.  So for my ‘Love your work’  blog you should click here and go back to my post called ’10 reasons why’ and that will tell you why I love being a dietitian… enjoy.

Oh and if you have already read that one… feel free to go and enjoy your Sabbath

Top 3 Kids Books… I own

Day 11: Share a book you love

I love kids books, I don’t know why I just do.  In fact, for the last couple years I have been collecting them, so that all my favourites will be there when Dave and I start a family. The idea of sharing just one book that I love is really really hard, because I love them all, so instead I thought I would share my ‘Top 3 Kids books you need in your collection’.  Now I am sure that this list isn’t exhaustive, because if I could have more I would, in fact there is already one book which I don’t own… but if I did, would make it on to the list in a heart beat… ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ by Sam McBratney, and I am sure there are many more… but these are the top 3 that I own…

1. Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus – Mo Williams
A little different but quite entertaining

2. You are my I love you – Maryann Cusimano
Very sweet… in fact so sweet I brought it for Dave but had to add some of my own lines because some didn’t apply.

3. The Story of the Little Mole who knew It was None of His Business
– Werner Holzwarth & Wolf Erlbruch

Who doesn’t like a story about poo… seriously it’s great.

Turns out… I’m a Trekky

Day 7: Say how much you love

I have a confession to make… it’s about an interest of mine that is often shunned by the ‘cool’ people of the world, but I feel like ‘say how much you love’ is an invitation to just bare it all and let it out… haters come at me because… I don’t really care. Ok are you ready… here it is…

I love Star Trek… a lot.

I know it’s not the coolest thing in the world to be passionate about, but I can’t help it, in fact for a long time I shunned my own brothers (who I just told you how much I love) for liking such a ridiculous show… but I am hooked…  And let’s face it… I was never going to be the coolest person in the world.  The thing is I feel like confessing this is like confirming what I already know in my heart… and what I have tried to keep from the world for so long…  I am a full on nerd… but you know what… now that it’s out there… it turns out I am ok with it… and this love of all things Star Trek is just something else to add to my random and somewhat eclectic list of interests.  I mean there probably aren’t that many other people in the world that can say they their interests include:

Country music,
Anything Disney,
Watching the V8 supercars
Big Brother
Star Trek and
Trying new breakfast places

And that’s just a few… It’s a pretty random collection, but it’s just another thing that makes me who I am, slightly odd, but easy to get along with (secondary to a versatile range of interests), girl… And even though it’s weird… I love it all, and i’m sure this is just the beginning of a whole list of random interests still to come.

Live long and prosper.

Who else but Dave

Day 2: Show someone you love

Just to keep this interesting and a little less like the bold and the beautiful… I thought I would ‘show’ my top three faces… ok top 10 faces of Dave… because I love him, and all the strange faces he can make….

1. His ‘Your an idiot’ face

2. His ‘Please no more photos’ face

3. His ‘little boy, sick’ face

4. His ‘Surprised’ face

5. His ‘I love coffee’ face

6. His ‘Blue Steel’ face

7. His ‘I’m working Hard’ face

8. His ‘Fun Dave – oooooooOOOOOO’ face

9. His ‘Happy Dave’ face

10. His ‘I love you’ face

Top 5 Christmas Moments

Whew, the last couple of days have been full on… fun, but full on and because they were awesome, but most of you couldn’t share them with me… I thought I would give you my pictorial Top 5 moments of Christmas 2011… in no particular order:

1. Carols

2. Christmas Dinners20120101-112452.jpg

3. Silly Christmas costumes20120101-112510.jpg

4. Christmas lights20120101-112636.jpg

5. Loved ones20120101-112535.jpg

Um… I’m an Adult…

I know I have mentioned this a few times now, but it turns out I am an adult, despite the fact that it’s been this way for longer than I would like I am still not sure when it happened, or what on earth I am supposed to be doing about it.  I have realised lately that I tend to have a ‘wait and then’ or an ‘after that’ idea about adult things, which probably isn’t helpful.  What I mean by that is I think I am in denial, so instead of just embracing life for what it is, I am waiting for things to happen or change until I start something or try something, you know, waiting for the perfect timing, perfect conditions or perfect situation.  I make plans like after I get married I will… or when I have a full time job I will, or once I am feeling a little more settled I will… and I am slowly learning that this perfect timing, is never going to be here.  Maybe I will never fully feel settled until I start doing some of this stuff, and the more I put things of the harder they seem to obtain.

I am beginning to think that maybe this is what being an adult is actually about… Learning to make do with some times less than perfect situations and embracing life whether it’s ready or not… taking the risk.  The thing is I have always been a procrastinator, especially in big decisions and I tend to panic about whether or not I am making the right choice, the perfect choice, the best choice… but so often I hear people say just take a risk, what’s the worst that could happen, well let me tell you I can come up with a lot of worst case scenarios, but perhaps there is room for both.  I don’t think I am supposed to be waiting my life away, only making decisions I am 100% sure about, but at the same time I don’t want to be making crazy irrational choices, I think there has to be a balance, but I also definitely think that I need to start just doing things, getting into it and turning my life into what I want it to be rather than just waiting till it all falls in place… which let’s face it is never going to happen.

I know in the future, perhaps not so distant any more, there will be lots of crazy situations and decisions to make… like where to buy a house, how we save to buy a house, when to start a family, what we teach our family, where I go with my career?  These are all questions that frighten the pants off me, but they are all things that eventually I will have to face.  But I think for now I will just start with a few things to make me and my marriage better… small, probably not that risky decisions that I just need to embrace and run with… just start doing, no questions and no excuses, before I miss my chance and regret it.

Luckily for me lots of people want to do this too… and recently with the help of wordpress’ ‘freshly pressed’ blogs I have come across a few handy hints to get me started in particular a blog by Tom Basson called “16 Tips to Simplify Your Life (and Increase Your Productivity)”and a blog by Palm Trees & Bare Feet called  “my listy list 5 ways to enhance night time and morning wake up” check them out… So below is a list of a few things that I am going to start with today to help me get organised, stop me wasting my time and helping me to a better version of me.  A better friend, a better wife, a better Christian and a better human.  I am listing them as statements, promises to myself and you I guess, that way they are no longer just suggestions… but hopefully reality…. Are you ready, I’m not but here it is anyway:

1.  I will turn off all technology 60minutes before I go to bed… this one is huge for me but I am addicted to my iphone, the television, my computer, music and all things technological, so I have to give myself some boundaries.  I am going back to the old school alarm clock because I actually don’t need my phone next to my bed all night…and just in case there is an emergency, please call our landline or Dave…  This leads me nicely to number 2…

2.  This one is straight from Palm Trees & Bare feet… I will get up in the morning like I’m ripping of a bandaid… I hate getting up in the morning, I love my bed and I love just lying there being cosy… but no longer… on Weekdays… when the alarm goes off I get up… no questions, no grumbling… just up.

3.  I will Plan my week top to toe so that I can be organised and get everything I need to done… including time to rest.  Over the years I have wasted a lot of money on tables and stationary designed to help me be organised so it’s time to dust it off and use it.

4.  I will exercise at least once a week, I know it doesn’t seem like a challenge, but I have 100 excuses as to why I can’t, I’m tired, the weathers bad, I’m busy… too bad so sad… I will do it anyway

5. I will eat one sit down meal with my husband each week… again it doesn’t seem like a challenge but it’s surprising how little we see of each other most weeks… so I am making it a priority.

6. I will do my devotions at least twice a week… seriously these last three seem like they should be easy, but they aren’t they are hard, because they are easy to push aside… so its time to make this a priority too… I would like to think that I would actually do this more often than twice, but I am constantly telling my clients to make SMART goals, specific, measurable, achievable,  realistic and timely, so its about time I started doing it myself, setting goals I can actually achieve, rather than pie in the sky dreams that I will just be disappointed I can’t reach.

So there you go, that’s my list for now…. I might even give them their own page so I can keep you updated about how I am going, but with or with out their extra page… I am doing adult things, making decisions and setting goals… look at me go… I am unstoppable.

Being Mrs George

So I have now been Mrs George, or ‘Mrs G’ as Dave’s students tend to call me for a whole 6 months and its gone really really quickly, in fact I can’t believe we are 6 months down the track, it just doesn’t feel that long.  I have been trying to think of things I have learnt in the last 6 months or ways that I have changed, but to be honest, I still feel like the same old me, except that now when I go home Dave is there too, although it seems that if I actually want to spend time with him, I still need to pre-organise just like before.  I am sure that I have changed because that is what tends to happen as you get older, or change your environment.  I am sure I do somethings differently, I am sure I think about things in a slightly different way, but I think at the moment its safe to say there haven’t been any major changes… and if there have been I am yet to notice.

Anyway, seeing as I am really no different than I was before I thought instead of profound life changes I would share my top 10 moments of married life so far, some highlights if you will, of my first 6 months of being Mrs George, oh and they are in no particular order because they are all wonderful:

1.  Our amazing suite at the langham for our Honeymoon… It was amazing, amazing views, amazing service, amazing company and just ask Dave… it was huge:

2.  Our overseas honeymoon to Disneyworld and New York… what’s not to love about Disneyworld or New York for that matter… they are pretty much the coolest places on the planet.  It was so nice after all the frantic planning and preparation for the wedding to just be able to hang out and do some pretty cool stuff while we were at it.  I love all things disney and all things theme park so being able to spend 8 days in the most magical place on earth was beyond comprehension.  New York was also incredible, because both Dave and I had already done the tourist visit of NY, we got to the live the high life, sleep in, shop, have dinner, see a show… awesome.  Some particular highlights of the trip include:
– The first moment when you see the castle in disney world
– Being able to wear Miney Mouse ears for 8 days straight and being completely normal
– Standing in the warm summer night air watching the fireworks over the castle
– Rounding out our wedding experince by seeing Jesey Boys on last time
– Casually strolling through central park
– Church at Brooklyn Tabernacle – it was like sitting in a CD recording… amazing.

3.  Being able to go away whenever we want, just because we can, no double checking with mum and dad, just packing the car and going, wether it be to Inverloch, Warnambool or just for a drive to who knows where.  It’s nice to just spend that time together too.   Oh and when we go away with the big band now we get to stay together… coz now we are married and all, no more 30cm rule for us.

4.  Being Wifey… I think making Dave’s birthday cake and favourite meal for his birthday was fun, but I think more than that I have liked being a wife… not that I really have to do that much because Dave is a pretty much a Domestic God in his own right, but I do like making house.

5.  Getting my very own Tupperware – what can I say no household is complete without it, and now I have some of my very own… filled with baking goodness

6.  Being the proud Mrs George watching Dave do his thing during at school.  I don’t think I could have been prouder than I was watching Davo conduct for The Sound of Music, or mastering the sound desk for Star Trek he is an amazing teacher and the school is very lucky to have him.  He was also pretty impressive on the various instruments he played with the big band in Halls Gap recently… well I was impressed anyway.

7.  Setting up our Christmas tree… I know its early and I have explained why, but this year it was even more special as Dave and I started our own tradition together. This will be the first Christmas I don’t wake up in the family home… but while I am sure it will feel strange, its exciting.

8.  Lazy weekend breakfasts at our new favourite cafe right around the corner… going out for breaky is always awesome, but now that we have this little cafe that feels like ours, it makes me feel like a real adult.

9.  Date Nights are even better now that I don’t have to drive home after or that Dave doesn’t have to leave… and with the new addition of the Star Trek Moives… they just got even better…

10.  I am pretty sure the moment when I became Mrs George has been the biggest highlight of my year, maybe even my life… my wedding day was everything I could have hoped for and more, but nothing beats that moment when you realise its actually happened… your married, that’s it… and it’s the best.  Just recently we got our photos back from our Amazing Photographer Kelly at Alexroad Photography… here are some of my favourites… oh and she has some favourites too check us out at her blog… Thanks Kelly for these amazing memories…


5 Reasons I am a Hoarder

Am I a hoarder? I feel like this is a terrible question for me to be asking, because I am really really really hoping that the answer is no, even though I already know in my heart that I probably am. It’s a good question to ask though, because I don’t know really know what the full definition actually is, I mean maybe I am not so bad, I am not collecting old TV guides or plastic cups, I am very happy to rid my life of unwanted trash, but I do find myself holding onto things that may or may not be sentimental one day.

You may remember that a few months ago now I wrote a blog all about the last few boxes I needed to unpack… in fact if you don’t remember and you are curious you can read/re-read it here… Anyway, I even admitted in the blog that the ‘last few boxes’ was actually more like 15, what I failed to mention is that those 15 boxes filled a room… and it looked kind of like a dump site… in fact although I am ashamed of it… this is what the room looked like at the beginning of August and at the beginning of September…

So while September was a massive improvement on August, I still had a lot of crap around. Since then, I have continued to work through the piles slowly but surely, but there is still a long way to go… but I have been very proud of the amount of things that I have just thrown out. But a little while a go my simply incredible husband surprised me by just organising the room a bit better, he didn’t actually unpack anything or throw anything out, because that is my job… and so it should be… its my crap, but he just moved it so that the room was functional, giving me my own space in our little house, which was overwhelmingly unexpected and now the room looks amazing and I now have my very own study!

Anyway, all this talk of sorting and the unveiling of a fully functional room has made start wondering whether or not I would classify as a hoarder, and why is it that I feel the need to hold onto things?

I think the answer is yes… I have a mild dose of hoardism… No, that’s probably not a word, but you know what I mean… but why is the real question and these are the top 5 reasons that I have come up with to explain why I hoard…

1. I am lazy
Instead of actually dealing with things when I get them, eg cards, bank statements, magazines, junk mail, important mail, receipts… I tend to say ‘oh I can’t be bothered with that right now, I’ll fix it later…’ but later never comes and what was one little piece of mail eventually turns into a large pile of unsorted paperwork and odd things.

2. I like to reminisce
I like to reminisce on most things, but in particular on my life… in fact I guess you could say that my little collection of blogs is actually just a form of hoarding… Anyway, in this, I find that having physical items, or written words help me to remember things that I had long forgotten, I guess it’s like my obsession with photos… I like to look back and see how I have changed, how my life has changed, where I have come from and what I have achieved… that’s not such a bad thing is it?

3. It’s genetic
Look… at the risk of offending her… I think my mum is a little bit of a hoarder too, and I think that this is where I have got it from. Mum loves to show us things from her past, her old houses, the streets she lived on, and anything she can find… and I think that this, mixed with the fact that I actually really like history and looking at actual belongings and writings of people from the past has made me want to hold on to a lot of my stuff so that one day I can show my kids… In fact you could probably say I am building a little time capsule of all that was and is me… just so they can sit there and listen to it, whether they like it or not.

4. You might need it one day
Look, you just never know when you might need something… a reference, an extra comb, a spare eraser… its all quite important really, there was a reason it all came into my possession in the first place so who am I to say that purpose is complete?
5. I watch too many cartoons
So this may be the reason most things never actually make it to the bin… I think I have watched too many cartoons and have started to believe that I will hurt the feelings of inaniment objects if I just casually disgard them, because lets face it, most of the cartoons I grew up with were about things that came alive when the humans were gone, or everyday objects that had feelings, dreams and lives just like you and I… Let me give you a few examples:

  • Toy Story 1, 2 and 3
  • Johnston and friends
  • The Brave Little Toaster goes to Mars
  • Raggy dolls
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Brum
  • Budgie the Little Helicopter
  • Super Ted
  • Gumby

See what I mean… all normal things with a heart and feelings… wanting to be used and treated with kindness, not to be forgotten and then just tossed out with the rubbish…

So that’s my reasoning… I guess it doesn’t change the fact that I am probably still a hoarder… but it makes me feel better about it… oh and the problem seems to be limited to areas belonging to me… I have no dramas throwing out other peoples stuff… check out what I managed to achieve in Jake’s room on my Wordless Wednesday… Of course gloves and sented candles were requried… but now it looks amazing and there was no hoarding what so ever.