The Curse of the Timbrel

I have discovered something truly terrifying… My timbrel hands have crossed over to Zumba… don’t know what I am talking about? Well hold on your hats…

This is a timbrel:

Well a timbrel with a CD in it… you may recognise these from the Salvation Army… or the time those two old ladies played the timbrel on Britain’s got talent and argued with Simon about the difference between timbrels and tambourines… which if you happened to watch that, you will now know that timbrels have two rows of small cymbals and Tambourines have one… but I digress (but if you would like to continue this tangent here is the link…).

The timbrel is used kind of like rhythmic gymnastics… it’s a little weird and sometimes uncomfortable to watch, but if you do it right it can look very impressive.  As a younger girl in the Salvation Army I was in the timbrel brigade… that is the timbrel performance group, where we played rhythms on the timbrel with timed choreography to mostly brass band music, but occasionally something that was a little more out there… like worship music.

Now, even though I haven’t really given it much credit so far… I loved playing the timbrel, and I still do, although now I only really play at Christmas time to the Mariah Carey version of Joy to the world… again I digress… When learning to play the timbrel one of the most important things… as any timbrel leader (or sergeant, depends how army you want to be) will tell you (myself included) is that when playing the timbrel your must tuck the thumbs of your non-timbrel hand in otherwise it looks sloppy.  I will admit I learnt this the hard way, by having my uncontrollable thumbs bandaid’ed in place by my leader (who was also my aunty).  But since then as soon as I pick up a timbrel my left thumb automatically tucks.

I thought that this automatic tucking was specific to the timbrel but this is where I made my terrifying discovery.  At Zumba we did a dance… routine… fitness extravaganza… strange semi-co-ordinated movements, which required us to put our hands in the air and then back down… if I was a stick figure… I would look something like this:

It was during this that I made my terrifying discovery, unlike everyone else who just puts their open hand in the air… mine tucked…

And I looked like an idiot… the worst bit is I can’t do it the other way… with just an open hand it feels wrong… and it wasn’t just my non-timbrel hand that tucked… but both… yes both…

I am not really sure what I am going to do about this, but it appears for the time being I am stuck with timbrel hands… even at Zumba… no bandaids required anymore.

P.S  I just discovered that if you feel like you have missed the boat and you too really want timbrel hands… well you are in luck, there are some instructional videos… so you can learn in the comfort of your own home…just click here… seriously check them out… you know you want to.

Half way

Wow I can’t believe it’s the middle of the year already… seriously how does this keep happening…

Anyway, I decided that being the middle of the year it was a good time to do a list up date because while there are lots I have posted about there are still a few that have happened which haven’t made it to a blog on their own… so here is what I have done so far… click the links on the ones that have their own special blog for the full details if you wish…

2. Make my own ice cream

3. Read 6 books – completed 25/4/12

Here they are…

1. Sing you home – Jodi Picoult,   2. The Girl with Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson,   3. It – Craig Groeschel

4. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins,  5. Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins,  6.  Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

And the reading continues… I am officially a book worm once again.

8. Make a photo book with our wedding photos – completed 20/6/12
It looks pretty good if you ask me… complete with my favourite pics from our amazing photographer as well as some others taken by friends and family.

13. Make breakfast muffins

16. Bake Meringues

19. See some fireworks

22. Watch a sunset with Dave

24. Finish watching Mcleod’s Daughters – completed 14/4/12
It’s done… all done… there is no more and while it feels good to have finally finished all eight seasons… I am a little sad, I wish there was more…

25. Fix up super stuff

28. Go and hear live music

30. Go Camping – completed 7-9/5/12
I did actually blog about this as well… again… I just forgot to mention crossing it off the list in the blog… check it out here

31. Go to the museum

32. Stay at the Langham

34. Have a bath – completed 15/4/12
I decided that photos of this would be inappropriate and unwanted, so you will just have to trust me.  I have in fact had a couple of baths (as opposed to showers which I have daily) and they were all very relaxing… I think it is something that I need to do more often.

35. Make a mocktail

37. Go on a Road trip – completed 29/6/12
Even though it was back to Bendigo again, I have decided that it still counts, Dave and I went, we spent the night hung out with friends and we were in the car for more than an hour… so road trip it is…

39. See a Musical
I also saw Annie the musical in May, which is one of my all time favourites and definitely worth seeing…

40. Have a rainbow paddlepop

42. Finish unpacking my stuff in the study

55. Clean the gunk off the little hav

56. Eat at 10 different breakfast places

58. Visit a country town I have never been to before – completed 7-9/5/12
I did actually blog about this as well… again… I just forgot to mention crossing it off the list in the blog… check it out here

57. Bust a move in a random location

60. See the fire balls at crown – completed 18/5/12
I was lucky enough to catch up with my buddy Jana in the city for dinner and as both of us are terrible decision makers we ended up kiking through the city using the ‘urban spoon’ app to choose our destinations.  It was a workout, but on the plus side, I got to spend more time with Jana, we found places we had never been to before and I got to see the fireballs…

62. Learn a new joke – completed 26/5/12

63. Visit Castlemaine

64. Visit Bendigo – completed 24/6/12
It was a quick sticks trip just to hang out with my mate Melface… and the rest of course but she had flown over from WA so I guess that’s worth mentioning… Super fun… just like it always was… and here is a picture of my journey home the next morning… it was nice to watch the sunrise over the country side.

65. Do my own washing once – completed 2/4/12

71. Play with playdough

72. Have a hot jam donut

73. Go to a football game

76. Go a term without Maccas

79. Go to the beach at least three times

81. Have a pot of tea

83. Bake something for work

84. Do 3 exercise classes

86. Get and exercise piggy bank

95. Check my car’s oil – completed 12/6/12

97. Do a water areobics class

99. Try and espresso

So there you go… almost halfway there, still a bit to go, but this is a nice reminder to get back on track with a couple of these… I need to be more deliberate about cooking dinner exercising and doing my devotions, I need to stop eating chocolate at breakfast… seriously it is not a breakfast food and I need to keep focused on my weight loss, chores and date days… because I can’t cross them off the list if they are not done, and they need to be done… But so far not too bad,  I am getting there and still having fun doing it.. only 60 to go.

What happened to March?

So seeing as another month has flown by I thought I would give a little list update to tell you about the things that I have done from my 2012 list this month, and a few in Feb, which I haven’t had a chance to share yet… so here they are in list order…

31. Go to the museum – completed 11.2.12 with Davo… and education and enjoyable day!

42. Finish unpacking my stuff in the study – completed 3.3.12 also with Davo.  This ‘little’ task turned out to be a little more complicated then I had originally thought as while I tidied the study and unpacked boxes, Davo swapped our mattress over which took a lot of manuvering, but I was very appreciative. Now that I have crossed this off I can now say I have unpacked from Castlemaine… it’s only take 18months… but it is done.

72. Have a hot Jam Donut
73. Go to a football game both of these occurred together on 10.3.12, as they should, in the company of my brothers and Davo… it may have only been a nab cup game, but the hawks still dominated, buddy kicked some freak goals and the dees got done… it doesn’t get much better than that.

76. Go for a term without Maccas… completed term 1 2012… 1.2.12-30.3.12… the unexpected struggle is documented here and this is the satisfying burger once the term was done… Oh and with my return to Maccas I was pleasantly surprised by the return of the 30c cone… good job maccas!

And last but not least

84. Do 3 exercise classes… I have now down more than that, mostly in the form of Zumba, but I can safely cross it off the list – completed 6.3.12.

So there you go… those are the things that didn’t quite make a blog of their own… but you got to share them with me now…

Oh and its now 26 things down and 74 to go…

Turns out… I’m a Trekky

Day 7: Say how much you love

I have a confession to make… it’s about an interest of mine that is often shunned by the ‘cool’ people of the world, but I feel like ‘say how much you love’ is an invitation to just bare it all and let it out… haters come at me because… I don’t really care. Ok are you ready… here it is…

I love Star Trek… a lot.

I know it’s not the coolest thing in the world to be passionate about, but I can’t help it, in fact for a long time I shunned my own brothers (who I just told you how much I love) for liking such a ridiculous show… but I am hooked…  And let’s face it… I was never going to be the coolest person in the world.  The thing is I feel like confessing this is like confirming what I already know in my heart… and what I have tried to keep from the world for so long…  I am a full on nerd… but you know what… now that it’s out there… it turns out I am ok with it… and this love of all things Star Trek is just something else to add to my random and somewhat eclectic list of interests.  I mean there probably aren’t that many other people in the world that can say they their interests include:

Country music,
Anything Disney,
Watching the V8 supercars
Big Brother
Star Trek and
Trying new breakfast places

And that’s just a few… It’s a pretty random collection, but it’s just another thing that makes me who I am, slightly odd, but easy to get along with (secondary to a versatile range of interests), girl… And even though it’s weird… I love it all, and i’m sure this is just the beginning of a whole list of random interests still to come.

Live long and prosper.

It’s Time…

It’s time for me to get my butt back into gear, to get my exercise on… seriously, its time…

Now for those of you that know me, will know that I am not very co-ordinated and that I have a weakness for food, and these things have often gotten in the way of me keeping fit, but a little while ago, somehow I managed to break this cycle… granted I had the massive incentive of my wedding, but it worked and I lost a lot of weight and got a lot fitter and healthier, and I think, although it sounds corny… I was happier.  I was proud of my achievements, and while I still wasn’t supermodel material I had come a long way… but the wedding is over… and now the incentive is gone… well not all of it, but definitely most, and unfortunately over the last little while I have put on a few kilos… I think sometimes when it gets out of hand it is called the marital spread… So it’s time for me to go back to that exercise enjoying person that I somehow became before the wedding.

The thing is though, I don’t actually mind exercise… I am just not very good at being consistent with it.   Over the last year I have tried a whole heap of different things… Zumba, Tae Bo, Step, Aquarobics, Netball (#GoMixedNuts), Running, Walking, Walking really long distances, and all work for a little while.  In fact, I tried to find a blogs where I had spoken about me succeeding in exercise and while there are a few about me and exercise, I don’t think I would call any of them a success.  I am sad to say that most of them are about good intentions that I never followed through with…

There is one about me stacking it at basketball

There are a few about SYG (no.1, no.2)

There is one about me joining a gym… that I never really attended

There is even one about me starting to train for my 2nd half marathon with Jana… which in the end Jana finished… but I failed to even sign up for.

But it’s time to try again, because I need to do something… I don’t want to go back to where I was before, fat, unfit, miserable and super duper self conscious… I want to have energy and fit into clothes the first time I try them on… I want to be happy with my body again, and I want to prove to myself that it wasn’t just a phase… that I can sustain it, before it all becomes just a distant memory.

So I not really sure what I want to do, or where to even start… but I have a set of Zumba and Tae Bo DVDs and a half used prepaid Zumba class card… so I think I will start with that… I think the hardest this is actually just doing it… So here is my promise… tonight… after timbrels I am going to go back to Zumba… this is very frightening because I have heard from a reliable source (the guy that takes my money each week, who also happens to be a friend of my sister in law) that my old Tuesday night Zumba lady is gone and the new one is hardcore… but I think I just need to bite the bullet… so tonight, I will try to remember to take some photographic proof that I can post… accountability… the great motivator…

Ok… here we go… it’s time