To be totally honest it feels a little selfish to sit here and write this blog about all the things that I am going to/hoping to do this year when there is so much going on, but the reality is there is always things like this going on… I am only feeling it more because it is in my backyard… and I will be mad at myself if I don’t do it… and despite all that is going on, 2020 feels hopeful… I feel good about what’s to come, I am optimistic about the future, 2019 was full of adjusting to a new stage in life, new jobs, new routines and new expectations… this year there should be less of that, which hopefully leaves more space for well used time, growth and learning… and because I am still a sucker for a list here are our 2020 lists… Emma’s List no. 12 (below) and Isaac’s List no. 3 (which you can find here)…

You probably know the drill by now… but just in case… you can get up to speed on all the previous lists here: 2006, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019), and just like all the previous lists there is much of the same in 2020’s offerings. Some tasks to help me work on myself, physically, spiritually and mentally, some things just because they are fun, some challenges, and some good old family time. Isaac’s list is much the same… although his is more fun and developmental milestones so that I remember to document them. I feel like I am finally starting to find some balance in documenting and just enjoying and also making space to write about other things as they happen, but hopefully I will continue to improve with that this year too… although really (and again probably selfishly) this is just here for me, but if you like it great. And if you see anything on the lists below we can do together let me know.

Alright, enough rambling… here are the lists:

My List

  1. Make a family plan
  2. Find a better work life balance – completed: 08/05/20
  3. Get my steps average up to 10000 per day.
  4. Have a child free night
  5. Find another way to reduce my impact on the planet – completed: 10/05/20
  6. Do two fun runs – completed: 01/03/20
  7. Read 9 books – completed: 25/05/20
  8. Go to a Finders Keepers Market – completed: 20/07/20
  9. Find and try 3 new parks
  10. Go camping
  11. Get my VIT locked down
  12. Go to bed earlier Sunday – Thursday
  13. Blog 15 times at least
  14. At least 6 date days
  15. Volunteer at Parkrun
  16. Call / Update our grandparents regularly
  17. Walk Dex regularly
  18. Bake some meringues – completed: 22/03/20
  19. Take a picture everyday
  20. Meet 3 new babies – completed: 26/05/20
  21. Fish and chips on the beach at the beginning and at the end of the year
  22. Go through and sort Isaac’s clothes – completed: 02/06/20
  23. Get a massage
  24. Sort out Kinder for Isaac
  25. Exercise as least twice a week
  26. Go on a family bike ride – completed: 26/06/20
  27. Take some family photos – completed: 09/04/20
  28. Swim at the beach
  29. Meet the newest member of our family – completed: 27/01/20
  30. Be a Parkrun tourist – completed: 01/02/20
  31. Winter beach getaway – completed: 20/06/20
  32. Play a board or card game – completed: 04/01/20
  33. Make a banoffee pie – completed: 15/07/20
  34. Do a puzzle – completed: 19/01/20
  35. Make photo book
  36. Do some colouring – completed: 06/01/20
  37. Cross 2 things of the list every month
  38. Use Isaac’s highlight book and my gratitude diary
  39. See some fireworks
  40. Read to Isaac everyday
  41. Drink at least 1 glass of plain water everyday
  42. Play some badminton
  43. Brunch date alone
  44. Brunch date with Dave – completed: 07/07/20
  45. Brunch date with Isaac
  46. Floss more often
  47. Get a housework timing guide… print it out and stick to it
  48. Use the hiking backpack at least 3 times – completed: 23/06/20
  49. No games on my phone for 3months – completed: 31/03/20
  50. No Facebook or Instagram after 10:30pm on weeknights
  51. Make some cookies with Isaac – completed: 25/04/20
  52. Go to at least one of Dave’s school concerts – completed: 11/06/20
  53. Do the 10min clean most days
  54. Remember the bags
  55. Complete that 30 day exercise challenge
  56. Swim some laps – completed: 29/01/20
  57. Have a perfect month with my activity rings – completed: 31/01/20
  58. Do a weekly plan
  59. Get some better coffee tables
  60. Entertain more guests
  61. Finish the scrapbooks – completed: 15/03/20
  62. Keep scanning in photos
  63. Reduce the amount of take-out meals we have
  64. Go to a carols by candlelight in the park
  65. Have a no spend day once a month
  66. Earn at least 6 of the monthly activity challenge awards on my watch
  67. Do my devotions at least 3 times a week
  68. Have dinner with our siblings
  69. Make a dip
  70. Make a pav
  71. Make some ice cream
  72. Use some herbs from our garden
  73. Go some place I’ve never been to in Victoria – completed: 23/06/20
  74. Go to the NGV
  75. Use my sewing machine – completed: 13/07/20
  76. FaceTime our NZ family – completed: 22/01/20
  77. Use my bees wax wraps – completed: 12/02/20
  78. Buy an item of clothing I wouldn’t usually buy and wear it – completed: 09/04/20
  79. Do Parkrun with 5 different people
  80. Paint a picture – completed: 28/04/20
  81. Listen to a new artist
  82. Picnic in the park
  83. Stand barefoot on grass and sand
  84. Keep the house tidy
  85. Meat free meal at least once a week
  86. Keep my car free of rubbish
  87. Do an exercise class – completed: 04/04/20
  88. Do a trail walk/hike – completed: 08/06/20
  89. Make banana bread from scratch – completed: 24/03/20
  90. Have a meal with the parentals… all of them… separately
  91. Toast some marshmallows – completed: 16/05/20
  92. Edit and finalise Isaac’s logs and maybe publish them
  93. Try one of those shampoo bars – completed: 12/02/20
  94. See a new Disney Movie – completed: 26/04/20
  95. Keep my phone time under control
  96. Spend more time outside
  97. Keep an indoor plant alive
  98. Use my standing desk more often
  99. Keep my phone clean of excess apps that just waste my time.
  100. Break the next barrier

And there you go… a brand new lists of goodness… here we come 2020!