Just like last year I do feel a little bit selfish sitting here and writing a blog about all the things that I am going to/hoping to do this year when so much of the world seems to be stuck in a holding pattern, separated from those they love and in some very very trying circumstances. But despite all that 2020 brought, and the big lessons I learnt about just taking things one day at a time and not making too many concrete plans…. I find myself feeling a little bit hopeful about what 2021 might bring. 2020 was quite a year… but to be honest, for our little family it wasn’t all bad… I learnt a lot about myself, I spent a whole year with Dave and Isaac in amounts of time that I will probably never be able to replicate again and mentally I am in a much better space than I have been in years… which isn’t a bad way to start a new year… and while 2020 didn’t bring any less adjustment, in fact it probably brought a whole lot more uncertainty, this year I am once again hoping there should be less of that, which once again hopefully leaves more space for well used time, growth and learning… so… I have written another list… although it contains mostly things that can be done at home… just in case… it’s my 13th list (and you can find Isaac’s 4th List here)… here we go:

I am sure you probably know the drill by now… but just in case… you can get up to speed on all the previous lists here: 2006, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020, and just like all the previous lists there is much of the same in 2021’s offerings. There are tasks to help me work on myself, physically, spiritually and mentally, some things just because they are fun, some challenges, and some good old family time. Isaac’s list is much the same… although this year his has more fun and than developmental milestones. Just like last year I feel like the balance of documenting and just enjoying and also making space to write about other things as they happen is getting better… so we are going to keep running with it… although really just like all the other years this is mostly just here for me, but if you like it great. And if you see anything on the lists below we can do together let me know.

Alright, no more chit chat… here is the list:

My List

  1. Try some shampoo concentrate 
  2. Sew a piece of clothing 
  3. Read 12 books
  4. Use the overlocker
  5. Get my inbox back to 0
  6. Keep my inbox under control
  7. Try again
  8. Exercise at least 3 times a week 
  9. Walk/Run 500km
  10. Return to Parkrun
  11. Go on 3 hikes
  12. Go to the movies 
  13. Travel somewhere fun in Victoria
  14. Go camping
  15. Use the fire pit
  16. Get my step average back up
  17. Have a child free night 
  18. Get my VIT locked down
  19. Blog at least 15 times
  20. Call/update our grandparents regularly 
  21. Take a picture everyday
  22. Keep working on the photo storage
  23. Sort of 4 year old kinda for Isaac 
  24. Go on family bike ride 
  25. Attend an exercise class 
  26. Make a costume for Isaac 
  27. Practice my mandarin 
  28. Make pasta
  29. Plan our meals again
  30. Read to Isaac everyday 
  31. Go on a date with Isaac
  32. 6 dates with Dave
  33. Brunch with 10 different people 
  34. Don’t over book myself 
  35. Go back to live church – completed: 03/01/2021
  36. Hear some live music
  37. Swim at the beach
  38. Sing some carols 
  39. Take some family photos
  40. Lights out by midnight 
  41. Visit all three zoos 
  42. Try 4 new restaurants 
  43. Learn how to be a better ally to my Aboriginal and Torres Strait brothers and sisters 
  44. Walk from cape schanck to bush ranger bay
  45. See a waterfall 
  46. Seriously finish and print Isaac’s logs 
  47. Fish and chips on the beach at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year 
  48. Visit Inverloch 
  49. Meet the newest member of our family 
  50. Winter get away 
  51. Fix the steps
  52. Take Isaac swimming 
  53. Make some new play dough 
  54. Make some oobleck 
  55. Paint something 
  56. Put my clothes away within two days of them being washed 
  57. Investigate the leak
  58. Get rid of the built in storage boxes 
  59. Run down under
  60. Bake some meringues
  61. Bake a sponge cake
  62. Get some new glasses
  63. Get a skin check 
  64. Make some sushi 
  65. Play a card game
  66. Play a board game
  67. Go a fortnight without soft drink
  68. No Facebook or Instagram after 10:30pm
  69. Keep my car free of rubbish
  70. Have two perfect months with my activity rings
  71. Do the 2020 scrap book 
  72. Go through and sort Isaac’s clothes 
  73. Go to at least one of Dave’s school concerts
  74. Entertain more guests
  75. Go to the redwoods
  76. Have a cup of tea in the park 
  77. Get a haircut 
  78. Update the photo wall 
  79. Visit 3 new playgrounds 
  80. Go to a museum 
  81. Have a picnic
  82. Get a solid state hard drive
  83. Have some fairy floss
  84. Remember the big things
  85. Do some trivia
  86. Use my gratitude diary 
  87. Visit the library
  88. Learn a new song on piano 
  89. Making some dumplings
  90. Teach Isaac a new skill 
  91. Sleep in the backyard 
  92. Wardrobe clean out 
  93. Eat a vegetable from our garden 
  94. Use my crochet kit
  95. Phones away for dinner
  96. Turn the TV off one night a week 
  97. Have an Isaac decides day 
  98. Start a new family tradition 
  99. Have some hot jam donuts 
  100. Test drive a new car

So that’s it… a brand new list of goodness this year with a homely tinge… here we come 2021