Tilly’s List

A new bub means a new list just for them, so this is Tilly’s first list! Just like Isaac’s her list only has 25 things on it… because she is only little and she needs help with everything… including her list.  (if you have no idea what we are talking about… you should check out this link) Her list is a list with a little bit of fun and some developmental milestones that I want to make sure I remember to document.

Tilly’s 2022 List

  1. Be welcomed home
  2. Make some baby friends
  3. Sleep through the night
  4. Try some food
  5. Learn to roll
  6. Learn to sit
  7. Go on a fun run/ walk in my pram
  8. Get around on my own
  9. Learn to smile
  10. Learn to feed straight from mum
  11. Go to the park
  12. Start swimming lessons
  13. Go to the zoo
  14. Go to the beach
  15. Wear a dress
  16. Learn to wave
  17. Go on an adventure with dad
  18. Meet all my grandparents
  19. Do some tummy time
  20. Stand up on my own two feet
  21. Clap my hands
  22. Move into my big cot
  23. Cuddle Isaac
  24. Go to church
  25. Wear my hair up

So there you go… a little list just for her all ready to go.