There are so many things I could say on a page designed to tell you about me… but now that I have the chance I don’t really know where to start….

I have had a number of blogs in my young life and this is the newest addition… it’s here because I couldn’t help myself… when I stopped blogging I missed it, so its back… and this is its newest form.  This blog is here for me more than anyone else, I like to have a record of the things I do, something that I can use to remenicse… so I am not super fussed if I am the only one that reads it, although everyone is welcome.

My blogs are usually about life… the things I do, the placese I go and the people I meet… they will hopefully let you in to who I am and the things that make me tick.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve had a million blogs as well!
    For me its because I always change my mind on what I do and don’t want on the internet. However, instead of just deleting posts (because I can’t bear it!) I end up making a whole new site each time hahaha
    Hopefully this will be the last for both of us 🙂

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