Dex and I love Spring

I really love spring, I love that the days are longer but the weather is not too hot, and not too cold. I love that it is still light when I get home from work, even without daylight saving (although I am super excited that daylight savings will start again soon).

I know it’s boring to talk about the weather on a blog… Unless it’s a weather blog… But it’s true I love it… It’s made it a lot easier to get out and do my exercise and I think Dex is enjoying it too…

Here is some pics of Dex and I loving spring… Including some fetch in the park… Crossing no. 81. off the list.

Spring Time Fun

I Should Have Known Better

There are some things that you should know living in Melbourne…

1. Always be prepared for any weather
2. If it’s spring and you are walking through a park… keep your eyes out for magpies coz they hurt (so I’m told) if they get you in the back of the head.
3. If you are out in the middle of the day you should have sunscreen on… please see point 1

This weekend I have been away celebrating the bride to be who is also soon to be my sister-in-law and it has been quite an extravagant weekend… we have had delicious high tea, dinner by the sea, a spa, movies and a day at the hot springs down on the peninsula. This last stop was something that I had not done before, in fact before I got the invitation I didn’t even know that the peninsula had hot springs… but they do and they are actually very very lovely. Anyway, while at the springs last weekend I got really sunburnt… but it wasn’t the sunburn that irritated me most, although it was annoying and kinda sore, it was actually the fact that I should have known better.

I live in Australia… we are right under the ozone hole… we get burnt… all the time… and even though it was freezing cold and very very very overcast, I should have known better… As a kid, I was always told you can still get burnt if it’s cloudy, you can still get burnt if it’s cold… you can still get burnt even if you do all the right things. So… as I have now had my first burn of the season…. before summer has even started… here is my warning to all of you, who like me simply forgot what I know… even if it’s cold and overcast… if you are outside in your bathers… put on some sunscreen… or spend a week sticky from aloe vera and unable to carry your handbag with the shoulder strap…

Winter Coat

Well winter has well and truly hit Melbourne, and at risk of being like every other Melbournian I am going to state the obvious and say… my oh my it is cold.  But this blog isn’t about me being cold… it’s about Dex…

This week when Dave went out to feed the Dog on going outside he made a comment on how frosty it was in our backyard… when he came in he made another comment on the fact that the dog was also frosty… Now I know that Dex is a dog and that dogs are designed to live outside, that they have the right bits and pieces including a nice thick coat that keeps them warm.  To help him we have also given him a nice soft bed and some towels in his kennel to help keep him warm, but because Dex is a destroyer… he has wrecked these warm items and sometimes they disappear from the kennel all together.  For a while I have been trying to ignore how cold it is getting so that I won’t worry about Dex, but when Dave told me dex was frosty… and I knew that he was due for a haircut I decided that this winter something needed to be done.

So this weekend, while I wrote my final assignment for semester one, I sent Dave on a mission to get Dex a winter coat, which he can wear at night and stay a little warmer… So here he is in his new winter jacket, looking very spunky.

To be honest I don’t think that Dex likes his coat very much, but it’s for his own good and it has a wicked collar…