It’s done for now

Well I have survived semester 1 of part-time study while working full-time… here is what I now know:

  1. Study is much harder when you have had a break and go back…
  2. Study is much less of a priority when you have a life and a job and a husband
  3. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew
  4. I am glad for mid semester time

Don’t get me wrong, despite the fact that all of the above except no. 4 are a little pessimistic, I am still glad I am doing the degree but I think that it has been a bit of a shock to the system this semester, perhaps it’s because it was the first one, maybe it will be easier next semester? Maybe not, but it’s all done and now I wait until my undefined mid semester break finishes.  

To be honest, even though I have only had a few days off studying, I am feeling a little restless, like I should be doing something, or that I have forgotten something… I have that post semester void, something I thought I had left behind long ago… so instead I am busily trying to knock some things off the list… we will see how I go… but hopefully I will get a break too… that would be nice.

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