Turns out… I’m a Trekky

Day 7: Say how much you love

I have a confession to make… it’s about an interest of mine that is often shunned by the ‘cool’ people of the world, but I feel like ‘say how much you love’ is an invitation to just bare it all and let it out… haters come at me because… I don’t really care. Ok are you ready… here it is…

I love Star Trek… a lot.

I know it’s not the coolest thing in the world to be passionate about, but I can’t help it, in fact for a long time I shunned my own brothers (who I just told you how much I love) for liking such a ridiculous show… but I am hooked…  And let’s face it… I was never going to be the coolest person in the world.  The thing is I feel like confessing this is like confirming what I already know in my heart… and what I have tried to keep from the world for so long…  I am a full on nerd… but you know what… now that it’s out there… it turns out I am ok with it… and this love of all things Star Trek is just something else to add to my random and somewhat eclectic list of interests.  I mean there probably aren’t that many other people in the world that can say they their interests include:

Country music,
Anything Disney,
Watching the V8 supercars
Big Brother
Star Trek and
Trying new breakfast places

And that’s just a few… It’s a pretty random collection, but it’s just another thing that makes me who I am, slightly odd, but easy to get along with (secondary to a versatile range of interests), girl… And even though it’s weird… I love it all, and i’m sure this is just the beginning of a whole list of random interests still to come.

Live long and prosper.

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